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Madame Montecarlo

Ecommerce Website, Print

Art Direction
Print Design
E-Commerce Website Design & Build

Providing high-end, fashionable swim-wear for the jet-setting, affluent woman of the 21st century. Based in West London and selling in the Principality of Monaco, the product is unique, luxurious and carefully designed using the finest of Italian materials and manufacture. 

From printed look book to e-commerce website, Candy Black has worked alongside the well travelled founder and creator of the womenswear brand to produce both digital and printed assets that reflect the nature and quality of the product. As with any young fashion and lifestyle label, a balance needs always to be achieved between showcasing the story and the commerce of the garment, all the time thinking about brand awareness. For Madame Monte-Carlo, this first phase launch marries the two whilst presenting a hazy, summer-afternoon wash over her luscious golden signature.