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Social Branding

The power of social — It’s not a secret to anyone that social media has the power to help a brand reach a wider audience. But what sometimes gets overlooked is just how this can happen and why it doesn’t occur overnight. Social is great for brands. It allows free and concise communication to the target audience and beyond; it encourages interaction and for consumers to express their loyalty and share the love. But this in itself can take time, effort and a clear and thoughtful strategy.

We worked with the guys behind Brooklyn Coffee to help launch their independent coffee store in Shoreditch back in June 2014. Almost a full 12 months later, they now find themselves gaining traction on social platforms, and in particular: Instagram, with a growing following and more importantly a loyal customer base that take pride in featuring the Brooklyn Coffee ‘B’ in their social feeds. 

In the past it has been difficult to assess the success of branding. After all, “It derives its meaning and usefulness from the quality of that which it symbolises.” — Paul Rand. It could be said that social media now allows us to measure to what extent a brand identity alone is a success.

We like to think the ‘B-cup’ selfies mean that someone is doing something right. — Be patient. Persevere. Stick to a strategy.