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Brand Communication through Instagram

It is often stated that a brand’s tone of voice and methods of communication are key to marketing successes. But what has become evident is the growing number of businesses that are perfectly well informed as to the importance of clear messages and appropriate tone, but that aren’t clear on exactly how this can be achieved.

In many cases, this is where an agency (or brand specialist) steps in, to delve into the headspace of the company and formulate key strategy for industry-conquering branding (by this I don’t mean logo design). And that, of course, is fine. Many brands may not have the time, facilities or team members for such an endeavour so it makes perfect sense to outsource. 

What happens however, when a fresh-faced start-up cannot justify or generate the necessary budget for what is now considered a crucial facet to success and survival? Do you engage someone pro-bono? Maybe you wing-it? Maybe the whole thing gives you a headache and let’s face it, just how many sales will you actually generate through Instagram? Too often the latter is the ‘go-to’ with some failing to gain even the base level social traction. There are some who’s vigour and enthusiasm, albeit admirable, lead to social feeds saturated with the irrelevant, making for wildly unfocussed noise in an already sound polluted realm.

There are very few businesses in 2015 for whom social media is completely and utterly irrelevant. Even the biggest and best thrive and continue to expand inline with a sound digital and social strategy. Often (intact almost always) the solution is the simplest, though requiring commitment and discipline. 

Our advice? Post relevantly and, if relevant, post regularly. Enjoy capturing your own quality content. Keep messages concise. Understand what your target audience wants to hear or be clear on what you are trying to tell them. Above all: be patient. Very few social media campaigns blow up over night (even if you will them really really hard to do so). They require time for messages to trickle through the social streams and find their way to pools of people eager to lap up what’s on offer.

Jason Rubino